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The Bracelet Story

WIT Bracelet Story

     The WIT bracelet is made of leather and steel. Because we are training for the workforce, it is important to take this opportunity to talk about the history of these two materials.

     Leather has been in use for thousands of years. The Egyptians were using leather in 5000 B.C. for sandals, gloves, and military equipment. such as in saddles for horses or the reins for an ox pulling a plow. Today leather is still used for gloves and boots as a means of modern protection and remains a vital part of our culture. Leather represents something that is durable, but also incredibly adaptable that has stood the test of time. Fellow students, when you see the leather of your bracelet, remember that you too must be durable and flexible. While things in life might not go as planned, if you are durable and flexible you can get through it. 

     Steel is a combination of iron, carbon and small amounts of other elements. This mixture has also withstood the test of time. It revolutionized our country as we transitioned from primarily wood to steel in the early 1800’s as we began the industrial revolution. It was used to build railroads, bridges, structures and to improve shipping vessels. Steel continues to be used throughout our industrial world. Steel is designed to be strong, yet moldable and adaptable. Made up of elements that by themselves are weak, when put together, they are strong. So, my fellow students, when you see the steel of your bracelet remember that you also need to be moldable. Alone we may falter, but together, we are strong. You all represent this organization and your school with pride.