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7th Graders Learn About Phineas Gage

Posted Date: 11/14/2022


On Thursday, November 10, Raymond Mays Middle School 7th grade students had the opportunity to video chat with the Warren Anatomical Museum curator, Dominic Hall, from Boston, Massachusetts. The 7th grade students have been learning about Phineas Gage, a man who survived a horrific accident in 1848 where an iron rod shot through his head. He recovered after the accident, even though he received nothing we would consider "modern medicine," and was deemed "fully recovered." However, he had a distinct personality change and had trouble making decisions and keeping jobs after the accident.  After his death in 1862, he was exhumed, his skull was removed, and he became a medical celebrity. Doctors began learning more about the brain, especially in regard to traumatic brain injuries and how the brain works.   Mr. Hall then gave the class information on Phineas, his accident, his recovery, and his contribution to brain science.  The 7th grade student body elected “class speakers” and they took turns asking questions.


This was an amazing opportunity to create a real-world application for these 7th graders.  

Phineas Gage photo

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